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[QUOTE=xx_me_xx]I cant control my anger or jelousy when it comes to my boyfriend. For example he aranged to meet me last night, I told him I wasn't sure I'd let him know. When I called to arange something he was already out with somebody else who just happened to be a female! I knew who she was and that they'd been friends for years but i just went crazy. After I tried arguing with him he turnt his phone off so I left it and went round his house where I went totally insane. I punched, kicked and screamed (not him, walls and my car). He was a bit scared but I just couldn't calm myself down. This wasn't the only time its happened there has been other times I have flown totally off the handle unable to calm myself down! I dont know what to do about it. I feel like a loon.[/QUOTE]

Everyone has the choice to control their anger and jealousy. First you tell your bf your not sure, he makes other plans and you get angry...ask yourself why you expect him to sit around waiting for your decision. He asked you first, you had the choice of giving him a yes or a no, instead you gave a I don't know. Is this something you've done all your life to get what you've wanted? When your parents or siblings did something other than what you wanted, did you throw a fit? Sounds like you need to rethink your life or your going to lose alot of friends/bf's. If I was this boy, I'd run from you so fast...put yourself in his shoes...would you stand for a screaming bf? Help yourself....good luck

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