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I know its going to sound stupid but I want to ask: are there any pills against anger?
What I mean is that since depressions and many other mental disorders are treated chemically, shouldnt there be something against anger?

I think one of many reasons for my anger is depression but I also was angry when I was a child. From the very beginning I remember myself yelling and cursing when something was upsetting me.
I used to have horrible arguments with my parents to the point that I did not talk to my father for 2 or 3 years when I was a teenager.

Unfortunately now it happens in my family between me and my wife. She is a very kind and calm person probably the calmest person on earth. But when she does something stupid I go ballistic. I tried to analyze what is behind my reaction and Im ashamed that whats causing it might be my fear that she is a stupid person. I know it sounds horrible but there is no point in lying to myself or trying to cover things up.

I do realize that its all my fault and that Im hurting her feelings and she does not deserve all that but I cannot control myself.
Around other people Im mostly calm. (with very few exceptions of people being stubbornly stupid)

Am I hopeless? And since it began from the childhood may be its in DNA? My grandfather and my father both were very short-circuited.

So are there any pills against anger?

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