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[QUOTE=Mastodon]Hello again, haven't been here in a while ...

I am really worried about my anger issues I am having with my parents. I have always been a very aggressive person, a control freak I guess I'll admit to. I don't really get angry with any other people except my parents. When they do the smallest things I will erupt into this huge, broiling rage and will storm about the house in extreme shouting matches with them. My dad is the worst part. He is also a control freak and has to know everything about my affairs (today he went to my personally to my job to find out my hours when I wouldn't tell him), and he also loves to do and say little things to provoke me. I get so angry and upset with him. I have threatened to kill him before and sometimes I have the urge to do violent things to him, like hit him or punch him. I have never hurt anyone but I have thrown things, slammed doors, etc.

I cannot describe this extreme rage that I am overcome with. It takes control and I can't help myself. Nothing seems to help. Even if I went through my whole house and just smashed everything, I know I wouldn't feel any better. I think my life would be so much better if my dad just left, but that isn't going to happen. So I need to learn to control this anger towards my parents and mostly my dad.

Please help before I do something I really regret[/QUOTE]

Hey. Thats okay man. Ive been in therapy with this great lady called Ms.Johnson a few times about my anger. Ive punched a few people and even hit this boy with a pplank of wood but I've learned to control it. When you cant take it and you feel like your gonna explode just walk out. I heard you do. Screaming and all, thats okay. And I know the threats are the worst cause it'll always be something you dont mean but you feel like doing it. I dont get too aggressive with my parents because I wouldnt stand up to my dad if my life depended on it. He'd kill me. Literally. Im sometimes almost terrified of him. Anyways. My friend Jaks on anger managment at the moment and I think what you need to do is write when your mad. It really helps. Write everything that happend and write about what you did, what whoever the hell your mad at did and everything. It releases energy so fast its unbelievable. If not, deep breathe 1, deep breathe 2, etc.
Hope it helps man.

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