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I am currently involved with someone who is on Klonopine for anger and outbursts. I read quite a bit about the drug before posting this, but it seems that most people are on Klonopine for anxiety. He told me it was due to his quick temper. I would have never known he was on medication. Of course, I have not been around him without it but I mean side effects. I guess what I am wondering is if there are any adverse effects from this medication. We can talk openly about it but the last thing I want to do is accuse him of NEEDING it, ya know. If there is anyone out there who is on this medication for any reason, especially an anger issue, please respond. I have never been on any type of medication before so I am in unfamiliar territory. Thank you so much. Kelly

My doctor gave me Klonopin for anxiety/intense feelings of anger or rage. Trust me, anger issues DO cause anxiety! I only take mine as needed. I have the waffers so they work within seconds when I need it. That eliminated the need to be on the pill form just to avoid the episodes..... because I can go days and be fine, so I figured why be on medication if I don't need it for any amount of time. If you are worried about a dependency issue, talk to him about it. Klonopin is not a benzo that is usually abused, imo... it doesn't really have the euphoric effect that xanax and some others have.... but it is effective with symptoms. There can/will be a physical dependency with continual use, but that is different than abuse, and is managed differently by doctors.

hope that helped.

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