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i am like you and its me and my bf aswell like you. Tinyest little things wind me up and then i think about them and get angry and just want to have a go at him (looking at other girls) he knows how i am but says why dont you just try to keep it inside instead of going on at me and shouting at me and i say bcs i will get more angry and be even madder and nastier, i dont know what to do i really think i need to be on medication but i dont live near my docs so i dont know what to do. my relationship is on the rocks bcs of how i am but my bf is derermined for me to get better and change and not be angry all the time and on the edge, he wont finish with me but im feeling like i have to tel him i cant be with u anymore bcs of how i am but he wont let me he loves me 2 much and doesnt see it as the way out


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