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for jocelyn and sammy,

i agree with stevie 100%. since you're both young women, it's best to find the "root" of this anger first--and that's by talking about it, about yourselves, about your pasts, about your current issues, etc. with someone who has some experience in this regard (a counselor/therapist). this is really important, especially for you jocelyn, since you said you've felt angry and anxious "for a long time now..." but please know that there's always a [U]reason behind the anger/rage, and there are always ways to learn better coping styles and how to deal with others in a more appropriate way[/U]. ( i was the opposite--i used to swallow my anger and frustration which led to depression, anxiety, panic and all that...NOT a good thing!!)

medication may come in handy if your counselor/therapist thinks you need to be "stablized" first, or that you can't begin to focus or "work through" the issues once in therapy.

i'm on meds, but i'm much older than you, and i'm not going to talk about that now. i'm going to therapy and seeing a pscyhiatrist (for the meds). i also have flare ups of anger and rage, but mostly around my cycle. my bf doesn't really know how to react around me, but he's been learning, poor soul. also, i dont' get mad at him...i just get mad at others, like if i'm driving and the person ahead of me is taking all the time in the world to make a turn...

anyway, i wish you both the best of luck in your treatment efforts!:angel:

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