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Just want to let you Know That I know excatly how everyone feels, I myself Have a three year old little boy who Is my EVERYTHING but I swear he is SO mean I find myself getting so angry I yell scream and NOTHING ever gets through to him nothing. My husbands works evening shift when he is home my son is an angel never gets out of line, then soon as my husband leaves it is like he turns into a monster I will scream at him and then I tell him i am sorry because I feel so bad but I am at the end of my rope, I get so mad I try and keep everything up but as I am cleaning he goes right behild me and messes what ever i cleaned, I smacked him on his butt one time and it did not faze him what so ever he looked at me like what was that. I Just need a break I have no babysitter when my son was 8 months old my mom passed away then 4 month after that my babysitter ( mother n law) Moved 18 hrs away and ever since then it has just been us 247 I can not even go to the bathroon with out having him at my side And on top of that I have re occuring Kidney stone right now I have hundreds of them so I stay sick most of the time, I am in pain just about everyday I am so tried I can never sit and rest when I get sick I just wish I could go in a hospital and let them take care of me so I could get some rest. but i cant because like I said I have no one to take care of him.
I always wanted to be a stay at home mom Now I find myself wanting to get back to work just to get a break if that makes any sence. Okay I am getting carried away I could go on FOREVER, just wanted to let everyone know they are not alone I do the same things And I wish I could change it

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