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Heya again. :)

Some of that sounds a bit like me...just this uncontrollable anger...except your's was pretty much understandable. Mine come on for no reason whatsoever except that I already feel annoyed/stressed etc and am then just pushed over the edge by some tiny thing.

Often physical pain can cause you to "snap". One time I was fighting with someone close to me but it wasn't out of control or anything, and then she accidentally knocked my knee and it hurt a bit, and normally I'd have been like, Ow and that's it, but because I was already tense and angry I kinda exploded.

Also, with you, you know how in other posts you've said about how you're really scared of anything bad happening to people you love, like your mum, etc? Maybe these take over sometimes and distress you because you feel bad about things like these anger things? Maybe you feel guilty? I don't know.

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