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Hi windy, i am so sorry to hear about your situation. Anger can cause a lot of strain and problems in reltaionships. At the moment i am being extreamly short tempered and nasty to my bf and i regret it after when i think about what i said to him. I dont know what happens to me, but he'l do something and i'l just flip. Right now i cant get him to answer his phone. Sometimes i try to end the relationship because i'm afraid i will always be like this towards him and i do not want him to have to suffer with it. My family can just about cope with me and if i ws to marry him i dont think he would be able to handle me.

I dont think that it is too late for you. You could try talk to her again and suggest you going toing to group sessions or councelling or even taking medication to help you get better. Maybe if you get your anger under control and she sees that you can cange and you would never hurt her, she will decide to give things another go. Maybe she could come along with you and see you improve.

Try not to feel alone and guilty, it makes things worse and you could spiral into depression. I kno its easy said than done because i myself always feel guilty and alone. Have you got anybody to talk to about your problems and your anger? Sometimes it helps me if i talk to my psychologist/nurse about my anger (i have biolar so i work iwth a team of nurses etc). You could talk to your GP, see if they can give you any advice.

Sometimes we lose people in our lives because they dont fully understand our problems. But there will always be those who will stick by you no matter what and you will feel better to have them by your side. If your gf does not want to be with you then dont blame yourself. Try to focus on your well being and then when you are ok, you can go into a relationship and make sure your partner is fully aware of everything.

I hope i have been of some help.Take care. Hugs to you.


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