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I 100% agree With tamara, My best friend is going though the same things,
She and her boyfriend and just had a baby He has a 12 yr old little girl with his ex wife Although She has never seen her Mommy and daddy together she still hopes and Wishes, I mean what Kid doesnt want there Mommy and Daddy together. For an example he bought his daughter fireworks like 80.00 buck worth but my friends thought That was wrong because there baby needed something, Since the baby was born his daughter has craved his attention, she got hurt and had to go to the Hospital she wanted her Daddy there and when the ex wife called to have him meet her at the hospital my friend was angry. but like I told her His ex will be in his life for EVER and just because You have his baby now doesnt mean his daughter is less to him. Kids are kids and they say awful things, but You have to realize they are just that KIDS You have to make the best of the situation. I guess that is why I choose noever to get in a relationship with a Man who Had Kids, I did date one, But I knew Right away I didnt want to take it far. So my point is i guess is that when your in a relationship like that, you got to just deal with it no matter how many kids you have with a guy he still has that One with another women and that kid will be there forever and that kid deserves all the love attention, praise and Respect as the child You two share together, this is not directed at anyone I am just saying..

By the way I am 24 My Mom past away 2 yrs ago she and my dad were married for over 30 yrs, My dad just got re married and having a step mom is Hard on me at 24 I cant imagine being 10 and going though this.

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