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I am SO worried that one of these days that i'll get so upset at my partner that our relationship is going to end. He has been really stressin me out and my depression is making me feel i am not worthy to even be in a relationship or start a family with him because i am such a nasty person because i get mad at him.

Today, he really took the p**s about sorting something out and i got soo upset and angry and just cried and cried then when i finally got a chance to speak to him i said alot of hurtful things, like, i fink i'm starting to regret being with him and things would be different if we were not together.
I always end up saying hurtfull things when i'm angry.

I dont kno if it my depression talkin but he had been awkward towards me for a few weeks and i'm always afraid i'm going to end up cryin myself to sleep. BUT he is also going thru a very stressfull time and i want to help him but hes always saying he needs me and then he says he can sort things out alone and sometimes raises his voice very loud to get his point across (i dnt think he means to yell) when i try offer advice.

But then when we see each other, we kinda talk about the arguing for a few mins then everything goes back to being normal. Is that strange?? I get worried cuz i feel we're not sorting anything out and we're just pushing things aside.

He mentioned that he's very afraid of my bad temper and worries that if we get in a argument that i might cheat on him out of anger. I never thought of this before because i just tend to self harm when i'm angry but now i'm stressing about if it could happen. I haven't got it in me to cheat on him and i have never done anything to anyone, especially not to him, but i am still worried. I think maybe i'm worried because i'm bipolar and i am new to it and i dont know how i would act if i was to get very angry.
I do feel abit neglected in the relationship, ignored and not appreciated but he said things will be better as soon as hes better mentally. My problem is that i dont have any patience but i really want to learn ways to cope with my anger so i dont ever hurt his feelings or do anythings stupid.

Anyone got any advice? I was thinking of learning some anger management techniques and maybe take up yoga or even some form of martial arts, I'm not sure. I'm just so desperate to have control of my emotiond and sort my anger out, i do not want to lose my paertner or make him miserable.

It could also be my medication that makes me extra angry and i am due to change soon, so maybe things will imrove there.

I would appreciate any advice. Thank You.


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