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Jenetti, WELL SAID!

I think you said what I was trying to say, but in a much more articulate way. LOL.

I was just thinking, if my partner told me I'd been abused (I haven't been abused luckily, but if I had) because of somthing *I* had done, I'd be shocked and completely aback and seriously be questioning her love for me...if she ever forcibly covered my mouth with her hand, I'd either think she was joking (because she's just SO not like that at all) or that she had gone insane. If she black outs and punched walls, I'd be very scared for her, and yeah, if you're at the stage of punching a wall, well...what's a face when you're "blacked out"? Not much difference really...and there's always some justification for these people afterwards, isn't there? Some sort of excuse.

I am more like the abuser in my relationship, as at times I am emotionally abusive, yelling, throwing things (never at her or anyone else or anyTHING else of any value to her), storming off, swearing, saying deliberately hurtful things...I get overwhelmed with negativity and stress and sadness and anger and I let it come out like that for some reason...afterwards I feel TERRIBLE...

Can I ask a question? Do you think this means I don't love my partner? I am not asking this because I myself do not know. I think I love her VERY MUCH, but I want to know what others think...cause I personally, hearing it objectively from someone I don't know, would question the love.

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