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[QUOTE=bvincent]Hello all. I am a 26 year old female. Married to a great man, have a wonderful 2 year old son (the light of my life), and a great overall family. I take Effexor 75mg daily for anxiety. I am wondering if I don't need a stronger dose because lately I have REALLY been having to concentrate on holding my temper. I have always been one to speak what I think, but lately it seems that my words come out in a negative tone. It's never towards my child, (I teach and adore children, they NEVER see the upset side of me--it's my most sacred personal rule). My hubby catches some of it, but mostly I keep things to myself and stay quiet and somewhat sulky. I don't think it is good for me to keep my emotions balled up like that so I need some suggestions on positive ways to release this anger/hostility. It's just general things too....stuff that doesn't go my way at work, conflicts with the check out person at the store, silly stuff..................Any suggestions? Would a higher dose of the meds help? Thanks so much in advance! I want to control this myself so my family and friends don't pick up on it and have to suffer because of it.

Have a happy day! :wave:[/QUOTE]

Sounds like you have a wonderful family...why the meds? Why a stronger dose? Easier than facing the real problems? Sounds a little strong but I really can't comprehend why people always want the easy way out. So you up the dose now and what? in a year up it again? It's only a need to find the reason why the anger and deal with it. Instead of thinking about the negative(anger/hostility) think of the positive..your wonderful husband and beautiful child. Think, every day, how blessed you are with what you have. Best of life...

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