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I am 29 yrs old with a three year old of my own and I feel that I am going to damage her if i dont take control. i also have some ongoing hormonal issues that dont help when trying to deal with anger issues. I just dont want to hate anymore and think about what people have done to me. I am angry but I cant let go and I hold on to that, and i dont know why. I am not sure if its because its all i know (abuse) and I am afraid to let go. Everyday is a challenge and I hate who I am because of all of this. I want my daughter to have a father but i dont want to be in a relationship. I feel like I am hurting her. Its been three years and I still have no desire to be with anyone. Actually as the days go by I feel the desire totally starting to disapear and I feel like I am going to be alone for the rest of my life. RRRRRRR!!! Why cant i let all this go? Its not doing me any good. i am blessed in my life with all that i have and I am greatful to God for getting me through the whole break up with my daughters father, but its still there. The pain, the bitterness, the anger. I have gone to some therapist and they say nothing is wrong with me and that is it. I just want someone to show me how to let go..

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