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i dont know if this is the right place to put the post but here it goes anyway. I am married now. I have dated this guy for about 4 years before i got married. A year of our relationship was heaven for me. I had gone back and traveled to see him. There was a problem with him mom. Before our relationship kicked in he had to do some convincing to him mom that he wanted to be with me but never accepted it. We went on a couple of dates. Had plans to get married but at that time never finished college because of my college everything fell back. His sister and I were very close I would tell her everything. Before my boyfriend and his parents came over and spoke to my mom unfortunaly my dad was not there at the time. 2 days later we went out again had asked him what his mom thought he said she didnt approve of me and it was frustrating me and him out. Our relationship at that time didnt get anywhere i was told to go back and finish school and come back again so we could talk again. I came back. Now, I understand that LDR is not easy for anyone and was stressing out both very much. We would get on each other nerves, we would do constant arguing, he bearly told me he loved me, he never made an attempt to call for my birthday. We broke up so many times and got back together. This happend for 3 years. Our Arguments started to heat up and my mom saw me how i was crying, and getting upset, i never wanted to be around anyone, i would bearly go to any gatherings. She told me she was never going to let me marry this guy until she saw how differently i was acting. And now i'm happily married to a different guy. My ex-bf had always go and come back and i've tried to delt with it for quiet some time. I broke up with him. He started getting angrier. He was loosing control of himself and everytime he became angry he would lash out on me for no reason taking his anger out on me. This was after i got engaged. i tried to delt with it again. A year later i got married. ( my husband does know about all this) I got married and became much worser then i thought. I tried to help him out but that didnt help. My husband was fixing to divorce me because he saw i was going into a depression because he was still around. And make my life miserable after a year. i never got the answer's that i needed. And dont want to know anymore. But why all of a sudden for no reason because he has a problem in his life or has a problem with me he takes out his anger on me? Thats not fair for me. Up until this day i wish i never met him, i wish i never got involved with him. I wish i never carried a relationship with him if i knew he was going to get me into this much trouble. I dont get it anymore. I really dont and if anyone can relate please help me so i know what kind of person i am dealing with. please.

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