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Aug 16, 2006
Most days of the month I am ok although extremely short fused. During the week before my period I get scarily, uncontrolably angry and frustrated at every little thing. The scariest part is that I am a stay at home mom with no local support system and a husband, whom I love dearly, who works more than 70 hours a week to support us, and three young kids who bear the brunt of my anger and outbursts. Not a day goes by that I am not yelling or screaming about something at least once. I have never been physical with my children and would never hurt them in any way, but sometimes I feel that I have lost control of all of my senses and faculties. I am a very closed person and am not comfortable discussing my problems with others and this I know leads to more stress and anger. Please help with suggestions for control or outlets for my feelings.

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