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This is my first post on this board. My husband has serious mental problems. He used to have a "hit list". After an assessment, it was suggested he begin intensive counseling and remove all guns from the home environment. Of course he didn't. Some years passed. His road rage is beginning to catch up with him (tickets, misdemeanor charge, etc.). He is dreaming that he has killed someone. He is on meds that don't seem to be helping. From a more recent assessment, possible diagnosis were listed as bi-polar, intermittent explosive disorder, major depression, etc. He still won't consider counseling.

But I'm not really here to talk about him - other than HE MAKES ME SO ANGRY THAT I THINK I WILL BE THE ONE TO EXPLODE. I walked on eggshells for the first 12 years or so of marriage. Then I began counseling and after several years, I began taking some stands - but things still revolve around what he wants for the most part. It's too much to try to explain - but I am getting more and more angry about being subjected to his venom spewing to the world - and sometimes to me. I love him. I don't want to hurt him (by divorce). I also don't want to give up financial assets through divorce. But I also feel intense anger towards him more and more often. I am the "calm" one with christian convictions. But I can imagine myself feeding him hemlock! Of course I don't think I will... because my convictions would require me to turn myself in and probably spend the rest of my life in jail!

Has anyone had success with anger management counseling? Did you go to someone who specialized in that? Or just any counselor? Any particular method of therapy? I think I need to do something soon or I'm afraid I will hurt him or myself. He's seething on the outside and I'm seething on the inside. I wonder who is more dangerous????

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