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i have been reading this post for a while now, just kind of watching and observing. i, too, struggle with anger and violent tendancies. i truely do not know what kind of advise to give, or what kind of help to offer because i am in almost the same boat as you. i am in councelling and on meds though, still don't know what is triggering my anger, but i'm hoping we'll get there soon enough. i do want to say you are a VERY lucky woman to have such a wonderful and understanding husband, if i started beating the mess out of my boyfriend the way you say you beat your husband, he would've knocked my teeth through my *ss. i guess the one thing i wondered after reading your post was if your anger has ALWAYS been an issue, or if it is something just just happened. for me, when i was growing up, up until age 18 i had a temper as you are describing. i'd lose it, i'd go over the deep end, i had no self control.... NONE. from 19 to a few months before i turned 26 i was the calmest person you could ever think of meeting. you could spit in my eye, cuss me out, or even kick my butt and i'd never lose my temper. BUT about a year ago, my temper came back... full force and out of nowhere. i litterly went from standing there, getting cussed out and nicely telling the girl to leave, to blacking out and trying to beat the mess out of her (according to witnesses). now, i am as you've described, VERY HOSTILE, VERY IMPATIENT, VERY TEMPERMENTAL! if i drop something i go off, if someone cuts me off on the road i get out my car to kick butt, if someone looks at me wrong i'm ready to fight. i no longer need a reason to get mad, anything and everything triggers me. i really can't seem to recall a moment over this last year and something months where i have actually BEEN happy, my times are spent with attitude, boiling rage inside, hate, you name it, i have every negative feeling there is. through my councelling (not only are they finding out mine is a chemical imbalance due to my illness) i am finding out that SOMETHING triggered this rage... we are now trying to find out what. maybe meds will help you, i have heard they have stuff out there to help, its just finding the right meds. i am in that process now, just haven't had any luck yet. good luck, and i hope everything works out for ya. if i have any luck with finding the meds that work, i will post what it is so you can look in to it. living everyday full of hate, anger, rage and violence is definitely no way to live.... its very damaging, especially to ourselves (as well as those around us). again, good luck, and i hope things get better for ya. God bless!

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