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Only a doctor can tell whether or not RitaF's anger/rage is coming from bipolar disease or not. We can only tell her whether or not we have had the same symptoms she is experiencing and possibly tell her of medications that might be of assistance to her.

You contradicted yourself in your posts by first telling RitaF that it was "NOT" bipolar disease then telling her in the last post that her bipolar disease was amplifying her response. Then you tell her she needs no medication, her's was situational, then you are telling her she needs medication.

IMHO, RitaF came here for advice and help, it is not necessary to be so harsh on those who are seeking help.

If age is such an issue with you, perhaps you need to see a therapist to talk about these "issues". You have to be able to find the root of the anger, before you can resolve it. Have you been diagnosed with any mental illness? Are you on any medication? If so, what kind. Does mental illness run in your family?

I wish you the best of luck! Please keep us posted on how things are going with you.


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