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I am dealing with self-injury right now but mainly because I didn't get the time to go out by myself to calm down. I am constantly forced to feel better. My friend is mad at me because I didn't want to get pictures with her today, when I didn't have the money to drive 2 hours to see her when I am really in the bad mood and angry and don't have gas in my car.

Usually when I am upset, I like to go to the park and write or read, just by myself, just to relax my mind. I haven't gotten that for a while now and my life has been really hectic and stressful.

Especially my friend, I sent her a message saying that I couldnt talk to her for one day because I need to calm down and I am not mad at her, but she kept pushing it too far. She would call me at least 3 or 4 times a day, calling my husband's cell phone for like 3 or 4 times a day. Its getting annoying, I have been trying to tell her but everytime I said something she always makes me feel guilty for not doing what she said. And then so I have a big problem with her and I dont want it to be that way, but I am really angry.

I just want to calm myself down, and I dont understand why is it too much to ask.

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