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The angry son
Oct 4, 2006
Hello All,

I have a 7year old son who seems very angry at the world, He is acting out talking back being disrespectful and beating up his brother all the time.. He is good in school he even got into the gifted and talented program.. But he seems like a angry child when he gets home.. He has a 3 year old brother who might have pdd or autism we will not know until his tests come back.. But i think that my 7 year old is being like this because he feels left out alot of our attention goes to the 3 year old with the problems.. That is so sad when i write that i feel guilty and it hurts me .. I don't know how to handle a very smart but angry little boy and a child who has develpomental problems.. Help Please...
Danyell (mommy of the B Boys!!!)

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