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Dear people,

I think I've anger management issues, at work. It can be pretty long, I apologize.

Am nearly at the breaking point & have been "soul-searching" on my own, online boards/forums & talking to close friends. I am hoping that by writing here, I can get help, which I think is the sort of help I prefer.

I work in this company, X for 1 year now. The dept I'm in is more or less split into specific teams, made up of pple younger than me by more than 5 years, except for 2.

I read that when u go to new company. one should take the initiative to talk to your colleagues. That I did, taking care not to offend & certainly didn't joke much, since I didn't know them back then 1 year ago. I do talk 2 them more now. Not sure if my colleagues find me a bore, afraid of me ...

Back then, when the office was located in the old area, lunch partners wasn't an issue, since not all of us could go at the same time, as we had to cater for lunch-hour emergencies. I lunched alone but gradually asked some others for lunch once I worked there longer & got to know them

However, once at our new place, things changed somewat. This new place is a bit inconvenient to the eating places, so our company catered a lunch shuttle tat comes every 30 min. the journey is about 10-15min, one way.

Thus, by default, all of us (over 10 pax) became lunch partners. There are about 3 dominant people, as they are the usual decision-makers on where to eat, the rest including me "tag" along.

Not once since moving to new office have I ever been consulted on where to go for lunch; everyone else has been asked. The same thing happen for ordering snacks ... it has not been once for me.

every morning, about 11am, I will ask "where r we all lunching today?" ... no one bothers to answer or else, they give half-hearted answer.. Then, at 12noon nearing, they still dilly-dally wasting their time. once missing the bus.

I've tried telling them (mebbie they think i m scolding them??) don't waste time if u have things to do during lunch (like shopping).

Also wondering if tat result in no one sitting beside me in the bus; sometimes, the newer guys might juz sit next to me ... at first, i tried pro-active to sit next to them, talk 2 them but after a few times, I gave up ... I wonder if it is wrong to think "why does it have to be me everytime to make effort to sit next to them ...."

I 'blew up' a few times. at first, when it happens maybe 2 or 3x, it is excuseable but more than than, on regular basis, can it still be coincidence? and those younger pple think it is not big deal, to behave like dat.

the mid-mgt when they knew, try to consul me, saying ignore the younger ones. but i ask" how can it be that it only happens to me??when it is not my fault"

wat can i do to make myself at peace?

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