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I agree with Marshmellow. My ex-boyfriend had terrible anger issues. They didn't rear their ugly heads until we had been together for 3 months. I used to call him Robert Road Rage. He would get into these crazy moods when he drove. It got to the point I couldn't be in the car with him. I actually felt ill. I used to tell him you cannot control how others drive, but you could control how you react. It sometimes did calm him down.

We were together for 1 year. I realized he had the problem, not me. I am easy going and he would be for only so long. I hated that I started to have to walk on egg shells around him. He never hit me, but punched walls all the time, broke things and just would go crazy. I used to wonder if I would be his next target of anger. The last thing I wanted was to be assaulted. I have never been hit by any man. My father never even spanked us, so no guy was ever going to lay a hand on me.

I finally had enough. And you know what?? I met the best guy in the world. My husband is so sweet, kind, loving and most of all, is never ever angry.

It is up to the person in the relationship if they want to stay with some guy who snaps at any given moment.

I still keep in touch with him. He finally met a girl on line, and they got married and he is having his first child. He is also on medication that helps with his issues. I don't think he ever had counseling, but I am happy he is happy.
Just wanted to add something. Why is it up to the wife/girlfriend to always be the one to make nice, so to say. Why can't these angry men get the help they need. Nobody deserves to be treated like crap, and the same goes for men, that may also have a wife/girlfriend with anger issues.


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