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I freaked out earlier today which included throwing his shoes at him and kicking him. I usually drive him to either having to grab me or to[COLOR="Blue"][B] threatem to leave which just makes me cry and beg for him to stay[/B][/COLOR]. After all this happens and I'm left to myself, I feel depressed. I wonder why I even did all of that

this sort of tells me that you "come to your senses" when you hear him threaten to leave, so is that what breaks your spells of rage? i think alot of people who have rage and show it to their loved ones are those who can sometimes control their rage but decide not to. they feel safe with showing that emotion and fighting that you probably wouldnt do with say a bank president cause he didnt give you a loan, or a policemen who stopped you because you ran a red light, see the difference? you have your choice of who you act out with, so that tells me you can control your temper, you just choose not to, you get "used" to it , and it takes changing from within to decide if you want to continue the rage spells or not. this coming to your senses when he threatens to leave and you say it just makes your cry and beg him to stay is seen as a "i must stop this rage NOW or he'll leave me and you probably stop instantly cause you change from rage to crying and begging for him not to leave. i know what im talking about, because i used to be the same exact WAY. and yes i did change. drastically, any more and yes he would have left. oh yea i still get angry, but nothing like i used to, or throwing things at him, or attacking him with things, we talk things out now. but it was a change within ME, saying I NEED TO CHANGE or i will LOSE HIM forever cause i will tell you this, they will get tired of the drama.
of course if you think it might be hormonal or mental, then you have no excuse either if you havent been to a doctor that can evaluate you and prescribe medication that will help you if needed. what i find out, and this part isnt you, is how selfish it looks when someone says ive got the same exact thing, then adds an LOL right after that statement , personally it frightens me to see the LOL after a statement like that. as if the anger/rage act out is funny or cute or something simple. CHANGE, if you really want to change, YES you can do so. this coming from a woman who once tried to shoot my husband, thank God, the rifle jammed up. or else id be in prison. that was 30 yrs ago, and yes i have change. its called maturity. unless of course you are mentally ill, or hormonally challenged, then PLEASE go see a doctor before you end up losing that man that so obviously loves you that he has stayed with you so far. sorry if this is blunt, but i feel its the truth.

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