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Alright ... I need some serious help with my relationship with my family. I dont know if Im gonna be able to take any more of their crap and I swear to god, everytime I walk by them I just wait for them to make a stupid comment or make a stupid look with their stupid face and that is gonna set me off like a firecracker.

First, My mom. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HER! Everytime I speak to her about my problems she always managed to turn it around and make it about her. If I tell her about a bad relationship with a friend or a guy or something then she always says something stupid like "oh well it could be worse, you could be like me!, married to a man who doesnt buy me this blah blah blah and the **** spills and I end up listening to her bullcrap and leaving and keeping everything im feeling bottled up inside. Like I have been going through a rough time because of my severe PMS side effects and she tells me to control my PMS and to stay out of her way. So I lay upstairs and then she tells me im a hermit because I dont go downstairs! What the freaking hell. Another thing was today she asked me If I went into my uncles with my dad. and I said, no ... why? And she was like. Because he said you didnt. And I was like you ****ing idiot whyd u ask if you knew the answer you stupid retard. I told her to get the **** outta my room and she did and that was that. But see ... I explode and everytime she just pushes me this much further to exploding and I feel like head is going to combust!:blob_fire

Like my dad too ... he has a stupid anger problem and he tells me to NOT ****ING SWEAR! And ill be like "well u just did" and he will be like "well im allowed to, im your parents, i can say whatever i want" and i dont get how he expects me to follow any rules if he cant even follow them. He tells me how lazy i am which bugs me because he never moves his *** outta the chair and he orders my mom to get him this and that. And I have to listen to my parents ***** about eachother to ME and I have to keep it inside and then they kiss eachothers *** while talking this bullcrap TO ME!

Like my mom tells me how much she hates my sisters boyfriend and how she thinks hes ugly and all this. And how shes not giving him cigarettes nomore and how shes not gonna ask him to stay for dinner. But then when he comes over she offers him cigarettes and begs him to stay for dinner even when he refuses. So one time I was like "mom, why are you going against ur word" and she denied everything and said the only reason im sayen that is to make her look bad. Which is true but the "looking bad part" she did all herself but being such a god damn two faced hypocrit!

I am resting on a thin rope right now and this timb bomb is tickin. I dunno what the hells gonna happen but im burning up as i type this crap out. I have such a huge anger problem and I just want to tell them how i feel which probly wouldnt matter because they r such retards they wouldnt know how to comprehend a single word.

I gotta ***** somemore, sorry ... I need to get this off my chest.

Like my dad told me that im embarrasing because i wear my pants too baggy and that i should pull them up. THEN we go shopping and he farts in the grocery store and everyone hears and he doesnt care! What the hell is the world coming to? Do i complain when he does that? Do i complain when he freaking harasses a woman in a store or when he starts a fight with a man in a school bus because a mistake HE made on the road. Or what about that time he almost ran over a dude on his bike and how it was the dude on the bikes fault. He never sees the wrong!

Same with my mom! Shes always living the hard life in which is likes to ***** about because if she couldnt ***** she wouldnt have nothing. I think she likes to complain. She always has something negative to say.

I cannot take this nomore. Im gonna explode and im about to go downstairs to go freakin bathroom but i hate seeing their dumb faces ... giving me dumb looks ... stupid freaks.

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