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Ok, many things to address here.

Yes, I have other things in my life that are wrong with my health wise that I cannot conquer and not sure some of them I ever will, but still trying. I believe that this causes me to take my frustration out on my husband much more than if I was ok.

I married my husband because I loved him but we did have trouble from the get go because I miscarried twice and than had a rough pg with our son and ended up falling into deep depression, so it hasn't been easy. We have come through a lot.

As far as my husband being independant I don't believe he is that much. He does lean on me and depend on me a lot. There are things about him I'd wish he'd do that he won't do. He doesn't have any friends cept one outside of our family. He is vert attached to me and and no, not very independant at all. It isn't that I want him to be less attached to me, but I would like to see him want to do things without me sometimes. He also has no desire to do anything other than what he is doing yet he knows he can't do what he is doing till retirement age. When we first got married he said he was going to look to do something different when he turned 35 and now he is 40 still working the same job going nowhere. He cannot move up, grow, get anywhere, and it is the same job he has had since he was 23. He wants to badly to provide for us but can't. I just got my real estate license this past year and joined a Broker, but haven't really worked at it yet. But he doesn't want me to work at all and wants me to take care of me. He wants to be the HERO but he refuses to do anything about it. I don't ask him to be the HERO for me, this is what he says he wants. It is hard to understand him. He also thinks I'm going to leave him and take off with some other man when I have never cheated, thought about cheating, look at another man, or anything, He is so insecure it drives me nuts!

As far as not finding my husband attractive. Yes there are times I'm not attracted to him and than there are times I am. I go back and forth with my feelings for him and it mostly fallas around my menstral cycle when this happens.

Anyhow, we had a long talk about things last night and he realizes ther eare many other factors contributing to why I'm angry with him right now. I'm making an appointment with my doctor to get back on a antidepressent again and than make an appointment with a Pyschologist. No marriage is perfect but I refuse to just give up on us as I do not believe divorce will fix everything cause I think it may just make things worse.

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