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I'm trying to get my husband to admit to having an anger management problem. I believe that his anger is too great for what h'es actually angry about. Last night he yelled at our two year old when he was crying and wouldn't go to sleep. He ended up feeling so gulity he had to go to apologise, so he kind of knows he has a problem. He once shouted at me because I'd put a toy in the bag for our son when he was staying at his grandparents and they didn't send it back with him. He was like "WHY DID YOU PUT IT IN THE BAG?! YOU KNOW WHAT MY MUM'S LIKE!"
And I was like "it's just a ball".

Our arguments aren't really arguments because he's so hot headed I don't like to make him angry, so I don't really join in. I usually just cry. We do have lots of problems with our relationship but I think it's pretty easy (not for him) to not get angry in front of our son. It's not normal or right to be shouting at your wife (because she hasn't given you oral sex in ages) in front of your two year old son. Is it?!

I don't know many other married people so I find it hard to know what's normal. Any views would be welcome.

Lanugo x

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