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I agree fully about making her go to a therapist. I was wound up and flew off like that a LOT when I was around that age and I fit like hell not to go but after seeing a few different ones (i had to find one I liked -that meant a LOT to me as some made me feel uncomfortable) but I slowly got better and thank mom to this day for forcing me to go. I was molested when I was 5 till the age of 12 and that is why I had this anger and acted out that way...

It was my secret and I was scared and didn't know how to tell on the man doing it to me since he threatened to kill my mom if I did -which I believed he would do fully. Therapy helped me come to terms with everything and feel better all around.

I was angry at mom and the whole world for not being able to read my mind and not just knowing (we think parents are supposed to know everything at that age even though we might of said they are stupid) before that and I felt that they all let me suffer when really they had no clue this was happening to me.

As for your daughter, it could be anything such as problems with kids at school (a bully maybe), could be a boy/boys, could be drugs (my cousin got high on weed her 1st time at age 8! so don't think it can't happen. drugs can very well make some people short tempered like that. My cousin now tosses an angry fit if she can't get high and it's 10 years later.) and it could be something as bad as what happened to me. My family knew and trusted the man who raped me.

He was married into my family and became my uncle who just happen to be a sicko who ended up molesting many kids (boys & girls) before it all ended. A total of 8 years of hell for me, his kids and any other kids who he could get the trust of their parents to let them be alone with him even for a few minutes. You would be shocked if you knew how sneaky and slick these freaks are at doing this.

Not saying that has happened to your teenager... But it did to me and that is why I was mean as a teen and mom was clueless. I'd chop off my dolls heads, fight with kids, fight with adults, scream, toss a fit, knock stuff around and was a screaming nut for what mom only assumed were hormones and me being a brat.

Your teen could be taking it all out on the dog since he's the only one around that can't exactly talk back, have athority over her and must submit to her anger. That anger is meant for someone or something else but the dog can't (in her mind) fight back or maybe she thinks it doesn't hurt like humans due as far as feelings go so she takes it out on him instead.

It's animal abuse 110%, it's against the law and it's wrong so please for the sake of the dogs mental well being save him from this before he turns bad tempered and no one will take him, even if you must find a new owner. And for your teen please, get her some help. She'll thank you when she's older and you might just save her too from some suffering you would never imagine she's going through.

I did better with female therapists. The one I found seemed cool and unjudging of me.... That made it much easier for me to open up so find out what the therapists approach is to treatment and what kind of verbal input they'll be giving your kid. It'll save ya having to go through as many as we did before I found "the one".

Good luck! It's gonna be hard but I'm sure you can do this. All great things don't come easy (unless you win the lottery ;) )

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