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I second what Sannah has said. The one and only person with whom you are angry is yourself. You have not expressed your needs, feelings and thoughts and this has made you increasingly mad. You may have thought you were doing this to be nice, supportive, patient, etc. but in the end it has brought you to this kind of rage.

You don't need medication or counseling; you just need to learn to communicate better, especially with this one person or, for that matter, anyone who might put you in the same kind of position where you don't express yourself. When you express yourself - your needs and your feelings, at that time, it's not in anger. Anger and rage come from being denied either from someone else or by yourself, which is most often the case. People don't make us feel any particular way, we make ourselves feel that way because of how we interpret the situation and then how we often fail to respond in ways we know are correct. In so doing, we lose a little bit of ourselves. And that can make us furious! And we think it's the other person's fault, but it's not, it's our own.

you can do a net search on nonviolent communication, sometimes called compassionate communication, which has some very good pointers which you might find helpful.

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