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It doesnt take much
Feb 13, 2007
I'm sure it's not normal when all it takes is something so minor to set me off and put me in a bad mood for the whole day. A few examples, my car wouldnt start this morning...this made me furious! I worked myself up so much I almost cried over it I was angry for hours, I stub my toe...there goes an hour or two to anger, I have a headache...I feel like everyone wont leave me alone and just let me rid of it. The list goes on...the bed isnt made, the dishes arent done, why wont he take the dog for a walk. It's just the little stuff that makes such a big deal?!

I dont take out my aggression on anyone or anything. I just get mad and stay mad till it naturally goes away. I dont know if this is "anger managment" but I know my husband cant deal with it sometimes. And I personally dont like being upset over the most simple problems. Any suggestions?

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