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Re: Anger issues
Feb 28, 2007
[QUOTE=rik666;2801943]hi, i'm a 23y/o male, physically fit, however, i have always been a very angry person (my partner thinks i may have ADD also).
I've driven away past partners because of my anger and inability to defuse situation when it stresses me out. i become aggitated and in some cases inadvertedly violent, now i have NEVER HIT a woman, but i did push my partner away from me this week and as a result we are now having relationship problems.

YES, i know it wasn't a smart thing to do and i feel extremely bad about this. she wants me to control my issues and to sort my head out before i become a father, which is understandable because she now feels unsafe around me.

i've booked in to an anger management class but that's not till march for the first one, i was just wondering if there are ANY remedies (medical OR herbal) that can be used to beat this affliction.

ANY suggestions welcome as i have tried dealing with anger in traditional self - restriction methods and meditation but to no avail.[/QUOTE]
If you show signs of add you could have bipolar.You need to get checked out and you can also have both to.If you do have it its not going to get better till your on the meds.Good luck and it is heritary add, add, bipolar,odd, and ocd.I have adhd, bipolar, and ocd and doing very well on the meds.My son had adhd meds at 5 yrs and 20 now and out grew it.adhd and add if caught young can outgrow it.

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