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Hmm, perhaps we have the same problem. I Can. Not. Hear. People. Chew. Not at ALL. It drives me absolutely, ridiculously crazy. I get irrationally angry at people when I can hear them chewing. And not just rude smacking- that gets on [I]everyone's[/I] nerves. I'm talking just normal, mouth closed chewing. Usually I can block it out, but if I'm in a quiet room and it's a really "wet" food that makes a lot of disgusting noise, I will get up and storm out or actually hold my ears. It used to drive my husband insane when I'd do that but now I just say in a strained voice, "I am NOT trying to start a fight, I am NOT mad at you, this has NOTHING to do with you personally...but I CANNOT listen to that sound anymore so I am going to leave the room".

I even distinctly remember watching daytime TV with my mom when I was a little kid and hearing her eat celery or breakfast cereal. For the longest time I hated celery and carrots and couldn't eat them because they reminded me too much of chewing noises.

Weird. I never thought of it as a problem that needs medical attention, more like an odd personality trait.

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