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I think that there is some underlying issue here and he really does need to address what is really setting him off, living with this makes everyone miserable including the person exhibiting the behaviour.

My boyf was a British Soldier and did a year in Northern Ireland, more than once he has been shot at and has seen people that he went through basic training with die. I think he probably has PTS as a result of this but until he's prepared to talk he won't get any better.

As for the violence i totally disagree with that, never in my 5 years with him has he hit my, i know that if he did i'd be dead meat. However i know for a fact that he just wouldn't do it plain and simple.

Not all men are monsters even though they can appear to be at times. Sometimes a little bit of love and compassion is all that is required.

When the time is right to walk away you'll/we'll know about it. To walk away beacuse you have been convinced by others too will not resolve the issue, if anything it will make you more miserable.

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