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My husband of three years and I both have a problem with anger. For my part, something that should just be a little irritating can set me off completely, and there's no period in between calm and angry, I am immediately beyond the point of annoyed into full blown angry and pissed-off, yelling and crying. My husband has pretty much the same problem, only he doesn't really shout like I do, rather he fumes quietly or snaps out sarcasm and crtiticisms. Anything mundane can set him off, I feel like I'm walking on egg shells to keep from setting him off, and I'm sure he feels the same way about me. We fight every day, and over the dumbest, most meaningless things, because neither of us knows how to control our irritable natures. The only saving grace is that neither of us can stay angry for very long, because we are very much in love, and we don't want to fight like this. But we need help, some of these arguments go way too far, and it's damaging our relationship. Please, if there are any suggestions, I'm ready to try anything.

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