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I have to agree with the other poster about how it will be hard to change her. If this has been going on for that long. I am a big believer in we teach others how to treat us. If we let them control us and throw fits to get there way then that's what they will do.

At the same time this is getting worse from my impression of what you said. The kids are teenagers now and they are standing up to her. I'm sure it makes for constant turmoil like you say. At the same time though it's important for the kids to learn to stand up for themselves.

As someone who grew up with a mother like that me being 36 now. I would say don't let her get away with it. I used to see my mother do it all of the time and I would always think why does my dad put up with that. Why does he let her talk to him that way and us that way and yell constantly. They are in there 70's now and she still yells at him constantly. Unless you want to deal with this for that long I would suggest counseling for you both together. Then also sit her down when she is calm and discuss with her how it is effecting everyone in the family.

How I would deal with it if my husband was acting that way. I would just refuse to even deal with him unless we could talk in a civilized manner with no yelling.

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