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yes sannah I beleive you are right and its taken along time to get to this point of understanding alone and it took a long time to figure out the lack of control feelings on a situation. yes also your insight into growing up too..
but heres the problem I generally am not a control type I generally try to ride out the situation, and am generally calm and reserved but there are these flip the switch times of night and day and heavy introspection has gotten me to see some of what I can do about it and read into it but I am at a loss on how to control certain aspects of it.
I stopped medical treatment when the doctors were saying that certain question anwser tests were troubling I had just about enough on my plate at the time and did not want to deal with being told about damage to my brain. I was pretty shaken up mentally then to and a lot of my actions were less than logical. I had an impact on a bicycle and a storm grate catapulting face first into asphalt. could not walk had to relearn to walk .headaches, etc..
I have found lexapro through my search to work on the anger that i have been in denial about. but it only does so much and a larger dose make me unable to function. so I am seeking input on other meds that others have found effective and techniques. counselling was only skimming the edge of the whole issue

I think most of my issues have arrisen since 92' add or adhd like symptoms, low level mania memory issues, extreme somulance.
I have young kids that get traumatised by these outbursts and fairly inconsistant ones at that maybe once a few months or serveral times in that same few months. generally I can stay calmer than most in a lot situations but just randomly lose my cool for no major reason its generally inexpplicable I know some triggers to avoid like lack of sleep, hunger, stress,etc..

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