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yes I am interested in seeing what treatment if any may be done I have to find the right doctors. oh where to begin on that. I have to start listing the things that have resulted. I need to find info on doctors experienced with headtrauma and phsycotherapy in scottsdale/ phoenix. any one know where to start?

about 3 or so years ago I decided my temper was a problem went to counseling and was eventually warmed to the idea of medication. But I just dont have the luxury of time anymore to figure out what why and work on calming. I have gotten way better at controlling my temper but I still feel as if I become this other person when I snap. and I dont like him very much. not literally of course but it feels like a totally different me.

so I am looking for insight as to doctors that have experience with tbi psycologists, neurologists, regular practitioners.

also medication that has few side effects but has helped tbi patients deal with their new found temper, the excessive sleepiness, the difficulty falling to sleep, the memory problems, the constant feeling of being in a mental fog I have done so much soul searching into myself. I have realised that a lot of things aare interconnected as far as when it started showing up. and that time frame is around 1992.

So much was going on that by time I noticed anything years had gone by because I was so determined not to let a little event bring everything crumbling again. Not to say that the accident was a little event, but every thing prior that kept bringing me back to zero. I had time (about 6 months) to think about what I wanted out of life and where I was then was not it. I am in no way bothered by this event anymore. It helped push me very hard. gave me backbone so to say. It changed my life but I grew from the experience. It helped me learn not to give up in struggles. To overcome what is overwhelming and impossible. but also gave me my anger that seems to go hand in hand with the refusing to give in.

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