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Hello, I am a US Army Infantry soldier stationed in Baghdad, Iraq. I have been here for over 10 months and have seen my share of combat. I have seen quite a few bad days (ill spare you the details). Lately I have been getting very angry at everything around me and the war in general. I have never been an angry person but I am having a harder and harder time controlling it. The other day we came under fire and I lost control of myself and started screaming in utter rage while returning fire at the insurgents. Im not sure what is going on but I need to find a way to control my anger, because it seems to be taken over my life. I understand I am not in a normal situation but I would rather not take back any long term and dangerous problems. Any advice would be appriciated.
Thank you both for your responses. I guess its hard to keep track of my anger when im under alot of stress. It helped to admit the problem and focus on trying to understand it but this environment really is not conductive to mental health. I tend to get the most angry during and after a stressful incident. There really isnt much in the way of stress relief or mental help on the FOB, and most of my buddies deal with the same issues so it may have to be something I have to get help with when I get back. I guess I am trying to look at as if I didnt feel anger and hate this place then i am dead inside and something is wrong with me. It just feels like forever until i can go home.


Although I get mad at people I dont think its so much them as it it the environment i am in that is making me angry. I feel like my soul is angry at me for making it deal with death and the dead all the time.
I hope today finds you feeling better!
Your gonna get through this and you'll have amazing stories to tell someday! Maybe you can write a book. I know that keeping a journal can be quite therapeutic. It helps you get things out, get things into perspective, and remember where you've been in this journey called life!
Keep us posted![/QUOTE]

I have never written a journal in my life. Maybe it would help to get some of it out on paper. I guess I just figured that this experience would be something I would block out and forget but I have grown alot out here and it has changed my perspective on life in a positive way. I want to enjoy it now. That is good advice im going to start one and that and see if it helps. I guess I have been relying on telling others and expecting them to understand.

[QUOTE]Hi Sniper28,
Wow!! Cant imagine posting to a soldier in Iraq!! Firstly can I say God bless you for being such a wonderful soul and risking your life for your country!! I know you can find support on this board.....please come here often....we would be honored to listen and to help you after the sacrifice you are making for so many others right now being away from home and from your family!
Of course you would be angry!! I would imagine all of you are angry over there, am I wrong? I can not even begin to imagine what you see on a daily basis!!! Things that you know are wrong, things that should not go on in life, of course this will make you angry. This is not YOU, it's the reason you are there, but its not YOU! I dont know if you are spiritual, but if you are, it would help if you pray when you feel like this, or when these feelings are coming to you, to think of what you love most in this world. I'm sure it is so very hard, but try to keep focussed so will be home safe to your family. God bless you and I hope this is over soon and that you will be back home where you belong!!!

Blessings and peace to you!!
Carsam [/QUOTE]

Thank you for the support. Most of us are angry, at least those of us who are doing the work outside the wire everyday. I feel like our government has let us down, but we still fight for each other and look forward to the day we can go home. I used to be spiritual but all the carnage I have seen in the name of religion has turned me into a logical moralist. I still believe in a moral code and God but I just think he has nothing to do with most of the religions in the world that preach hate and intolerance. Maybe im just jaded right now. I just dont feel like a wonderful soul to be honest. I dont feel honor in killing and taking a mans life, but I have done it. War just seems terrible to me. If you have any questions for me though I would be happy to answer them honestly.
[QUOTE=Sannah;2939296]Oh Sniper, I couldn't agree with you more on every single word that you have written. I could have written what you wrote myself. You sound like you have the highest morals that any human could ask for. Your government has placed you in this position and you are doing your job to the very, very best of your ability. God bless you. Do you realize how thick you are building your character right now? You have been placed in probably one of the most trying circumstances that any person could be placed in. You are being challenged and incredibly so and you are stepping up to the plate. I am so sorry that you have to see, experience and do what you HAVE to do because of the decisions that our government has made. I am so glad that you all are so tight and together with your fellow soldiers. This is what is going to save your sanity. Please keep posting.[/QUOTE]

I do try to keep a strong moral center, but like anybody else I fail at following it more than I should. Sometimes its fun to bend the rules and be bad. But when it comes to something important I try to stick to what I know is right. Its just complicated out here but it helps to know that people support us. Im doing fine now, this place just gets you down. Its almost like a prison in a way. We live inside a walled compound our every move is controlled, there are no females for the most part, and we cannot see our families. Its not as bad for a few obvious reasons as prison, but its just the lack of freedom that gets to you. I havent been getting angry the last few days.

[QUOTE]Hi Sniper,
I completely agree with Sannah. You have to be one of the toughest people I have heard from. Your anger stems from not feelings of hate, but feelings of love for your fellow man!!! What you have to do is never never lose this!!! You do not "choose" to be there, you are "compelled" to be there, it is a choice and although some days based on what you're seeing, it's hard for you to see that you are standing up for every innocent person in this world. Sometimes bad things happen to innocent people but you know that can be said for life in general, not just war. People have horrible illnesses, children are kidnapped and's all part of the same evil cycle. But as long as there are good people in this world and we keep fighting to ensure that it is not taken over by these horrible souls, that's all we can do in this life. You're so right what you say about God, people are so quick to blame him for what's wrong in the world. But God is not evil, men are evil.
You are a very compassionate human being and it comes across loud and clear. You also have every right to become discouraged based on what you see and do every day but you dont. We need more people in this world like you Sniper, I really hope we can help you through your time there and that you will come home safe and sound very soon, all of you!!!!

Carsam [/QUOTE]

Who knows we might all be coming home in the next year, me ill be coming home somewhere around the 16 month mark. It a while still, but im used to it by now. I am actually getting excited about the prospect of my life after the military. It has taken a good chunk out of my mid to late 20's but I am looking forward to the challenge and prospect of starting fresh in the civilian world.

You know you made me think carsam about when I was younger. When I was a kid I played war, and watched war movies, and saw war as this glorify filled entity. In my time out here I have changed 180 degrees from how i used to think. I now believe that war is a very last resort and should only be used in the direct defense of our soil from an invading force. Its just such a terrible thing. It's like a voracious monster that devours anything in its path. Even good intentions turn wrong in war. I do hope for everyone involved it is over soon.

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