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Hey Sniper!!
Happy to see you coming back to visit here are really getting your feelings out. This is great!! It's not good to keep things bottled up inside and you are going through more than your share of turmoil so please continue to talk to people here. 16 months.......if I think about it here for me, time goes so quickly. But that is probably very long for you I know.
I am so glad to hear you havent been feeling angry for the last few days, I hope that this board is helping you a little.
What you said about as a kid thinking war was "glorified"...that is so sad and true. We start our children off thinking of fighting as a "fun" thing. You too Sniper have made me think about my own 3 year old son. Only 3 years old but is already running around with little "weapons"....OK, so they are toy guns, water guns, plastic swords from the Ninja turtles. But you got me thinking about this. It will just evolve from this to video games of battles, I know this. From such a young age, we're already teaching our children to "fight". We have alot to learn.
I know you have a job to do there and bless you, I can tell you are doing it well! Can I suggest Sniper on your "downtime"...when you are frustrated and feeling "trapped" there, that you put alot of that time into "planning your life" when you get home!!! Think positive. Plan to make the most of every minute when you get back. Not that you are making up for lost time, because every moment you are in Iraq is valuable, unfortunate but valuable. But plan what you want to do in life, to be happy because you deserve it!!!
What are your goals in life when your time is up and you can concentrate on yourself? I'd love to listen if you would like to share!!!!
Stay safe and hope to hear from you again soon!!!

Carsam :angel:

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