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Hello you all and I hope your well today. I'll get straight to the point, my boyfriend had serious anger problems and I don't know what to do about it. He gets angry over small things, and if it's a big reason it just makes it worse. People say he's selfish because usually when he gets mad it's because something dosen't go his way. Which I know sounds very immature, but he had a very rough childhood so I see the connection to things that have happened in his past to how he acts now. Usually I can calm him down before it gets out of hand. Usually he takes it out on me because im always there and always close. He will throw things, call everyname in the book, threaten to kick me out the house (even going as far as throwing my things out), and yes he's even pushed me around. He has put his hands on me but never a strong hit. Im not justifying it at all, because sometimes it does hurt (he dosen't know that because i don't show it). Then afterwards he will calm down and talk to me, beg for my forgivness, admits he needs help, tells me im a good woman and stuff. When he talks, it all makes sense. SO I don't know why he can get to that "sense" before he gets that angry. It's like he turned into a different person and sometimes dosent even remember what he does. We have been together for 5 years and live together and will be married one day. Everything about him is a perfect match except for his anger and depression. As his fiance, I am the closest one to him that can help.

Today it was because we had to get the car fixed and that didn't allow him to do what he had planned. So he's having a fit. At the same time, his mother is in town for the weekend. They DO NOT have a healthy relationship so I have a feeling once he calms down, he's going to bring her up. It's happend before where he got angry because she was even in town. Im at work now and I just know he's at home breaking stuff and god knows what and close to the time I get home he comes to his senses, cleans everything, and opens up to me. I think his case is pretty servere but he really only shows it to me...I can only think of 2 people that have had a glimpse of it.

This post is a little choppy I know...I probably left out some stuff but im just a little shaken and really desperate for help. Either from someone who has been through this or had servere anger or whoever.

Im not going to pack everything and leave. I care too much for him to do do that. I would even tolerate it until he better and if the relationship just isnt going anywhere then i'll leave...but not because of this. He's sick.

Thank you for reading.

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