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okay so i am confused.. and i am the one confusing myself.

sometimes i just get mad.. like really mad and i dont know why. like right now, i am just like seriously pissed. i want to scream and i want to throw things. i dont have a reason for it. i dont feel like talking to anybody. its like, i have idolized myself. you see? i get mad at my "boyfriend" for no reason. tonight hes going out with his friends, and like it makes me not even want to talk to him. i didnt tell him that, because i know that he didnt do anything wrong. its a long distance relationship by the way. i just dont know if maybe im mad because all of my friends are too stuck up their boyfriends bungholes to pull themselves away, and he gets to hang out with his friends all the time. or if its because i have finals this coming monday & tuesday and i have to study all the time. i am a college student, and i work so i have things i have to do. like i said already, i dont hardly ever go out because this takes a lot of my time, and even when i DO have free time, my girlfriends are busy with their boyfriends.
-there are only 3 girls that i am extremely close with, one has a kid (in which we stopped having our crazy nights when she got pregnant), one is currently preggy and always with her hubby, and then the other one is attached to the hip of her boyfriend because she has trusting issues.

i dont want him to just sit at home, because thats not fair. i want him to go out and have fun with his friends, but then its also not fair that i dont have any friends. i use to have a lot of friends before him and i started dating, (we have been together a year now) and now its like where did they all go?
i feel uncomfortable when he goes out because his friends are freggin alocoholics and its like, ok? why do you have to surround yourself with a bunch of alcoholics? im not happy and im irritated, im frustrated etc. I SHOULD be studying for my finals, but im so like mad in general i dont think ill focus, and ill probably end up getting more pissed off when im studying because i dont feel like doing it. you know?

im so sick of sitting home on the weekends doing homework. i want to go out and have a good time every once in a while too. there is just nobody there, or half of the time... anything to even do! when my girlfriends DO want to hang out its extremely inconveinent for me. school is over for me after tuesday, but then im starting a summer class which begins i think the end of may. my friend was suppose to take it with me, but now she doesnt think she can. i feel like im being ignored. i feel like nobody makes time for me. im always broke because the one thing that makes me feel better is shopping... and therefore i spend all my money the day i get my paycheck!
does anybody feel this way? can anybody give me tips on how to JUST CHILL OUT and not get so mad about these little things that litterally, eat me?
i have no idea whats going on in this little head of mine. maybe i am just stressed.... maan i dont know. i feel like such a loser because i dont have anybody to hang out with!!!!!!!

words of advice from anybody please :)

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