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Honestly Rach, in my experience, some people are just crazy like that. A good friend of mine had a husband that we had a falling out with about stupid stuff like that. He flew off the handle and said ridiculous things and behavied stupidly. There is nothing you can do but be supportive of the people that you care about like your mum and your friend, and even her mum. And realize that he's being irrational. If he says anything to you, try not to take it personally and to see it as someone who is ill acting out. If your friend wants to talk to you listen to what she has to say, obvioulsy. Just be a good friend to her. But also remind your mum that he's basically crazy. Encourage her not to give up on her best friend because she has a crappy husband. As angry as it makes you all, saying something to him would only make it worse and make you feel worse in the end.

Best to you.

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