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wow, gadget, if i didn't know any better, i'd swear you were my brother! he has quite a bit of rage issues as well. one thing that he figured out a few years ago, is that he has ADD (because i have ADD and i encouraged him to see a doctor), and he started taking medication for it and that has helped a lot. he still has rages, because he just will not work through his past (sounds like you and my brother have VERY similar lives!) and he bottles it all up until he explodes... but it happens a lot less frequently and usually with a lot less destruction now. anyway, his is a long story and i'm not sure the details are relevant, except to say you and he sound a lot alike.

and to be honest, i used to have some pretty severe anger issues as well. taking ADD meds has helped me tremendously, but what has helped even more, was making time for STRESS RELIEF!!! a punching bag is a fantastic idea. so is running, rollerblading, biking, rock climbing... great mental relief too - when you are beating on the punching bag you're beating the crap out of your issues... with running, rollerblading, biking, rock climbing, you're leaving your problems far behind you... stuff like that. plus, exercising produces endorphins, which make us feel better. another great stress relief is music. sometimes i'll just turn up the stereo on my favorite music and either sing really loud, or i'll dance until i feel better (or until i'm too tired to remember why i was upset!). i have a piano and sometimes i'll just go and play really loud and fast until i feel better... sounds simple and dumb, but it works for me. find something you like to do, and use it to help relieve your stress. most important thing i do for stress relief is pray... outloud... it's amazing how many problems i find i can solve just by talking about them outloud to God. you mentioned that you felt God had abandoned you, but maybe He's been trying to talk to you and you've been to busy feeling angry and stressed to notice. He could just waiting for YOU to talk to Him!

sorry this might sound kind of scattered... i don't have a whole lot of time this evening... but i read your posts and felt moved by your situation and i just wanted to share some of what's worked for me. i hope things get better for you. :)

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