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Hey Sannah, thanks for your post. Iíve read others of yourís.

Firstly, as I said above, the posts like this are sort of meant as joking annoyances. Like a type of angry Jerry Seinfeld style of thinking/writing. I am I think slightly more concerned by the number of people who take it 100% seriously and are now concerned for my sanity. LOL. I donít think I have anger issues to be honest, but maybe Iím completely delusional and I do and just canít see it myself.

Yeah, the post there is prickly, for sure, and I do find I get irritated by things like what I posted about, but again, itís not like I walk around the streets yelling at people in my mind. LOL. God no. Iím not that bored.

The battery thing was a joke too. I did that once when I was 16 and found it sort of humorous at the time. Obviously Iím aware itís stealing, but for me, I find it funny because itís not hurting anyone, itís just a pack of batteries, it wasnít directly stealing anyway because I switched the old ones, and so onÖIím not justifying it, Iím just saying I think itís sort of funny.

I donít know if I feel entitled to whatever, or that I donít need to take responsibility. I guess I do in a way, not sure why though. I sort of tend to do stuff like this sometimes, as if Iím above it because Iím more intelligent than the dopes at the supermarket or whatever who donít even have enough security cameras to see it happening or whateverÖsort of like a dareÖIíve always done things like that when people have been with me, never when Iím alone, not because Iím scared when Iím alone, but just because I wouldnít bother with that stuff if thereís no one to see it/laugh at it, etc.

I donít knowÖmaybe Iím not quite living in reality or something. That could be a distinct possibility.

Anyway, thanks again for your reply to my long and rambling post on my ****!

Oh, and the curb thing? I couldnít step back actually because there literally is nowhere to step back TO on this particular curb. You step back and youíre in the middle of a smaller road. I also didnít realise the bus would drive by quite so quickly and close to the curb. Ugh. LOL. This was a year ago now actually, almost to the day.

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