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Re: Angry Dad
Oct 2, 2007
My sons & I went through kind of what you're dealing with. At times my husband would talk to our youngest son & he would smart mouth his father & they'd start wrestling. At that point my husband wouldn't hit our son but he really felt like it. There were enough incidences that I asked my husband to take anger management classes or move out. He chose the latter. He also went on Paxil & that helped his anxiety which helps him control his temper.
How old are you? Could you defend yourself if your father hits you more than once & you need to defend yourself? I wouldn't hit him back because you could incite his anger further. Have you talked to your mother about his anger control problems? Your family may need to have an intervention & talk to him about his behavior. ONLY do this if you feel that it would be SAFE to do so. It may take a professional to help your family out of this. Could you go to a school counselor, clergy man/woman or someone else you can trust? Your dad is mentally, verbally & physically abusive & he needs help. In the US he could go to jail for hitting his wife & children. Don't be afraid to call the authorities if he's hurting one of you.

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