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After going through an ordal with my partner a while back, which has been discussed on here, in length, i have now relapsed, twice and acted out both times, i have NOT and will NEVER hit my partner, but there has been me pinning against a wall and wrecking her friend's door at her house, also breaking down drunk and feeling sorry for myself / for some reason deciding to be a total *****.
anyway, i need help, saint john's wort is doing nothing, after i took myself off regular meds mainly because i don't want to wind up a zombie or something like when i was a kid. but on top of possible severe ADD i have a problem managing my anger, also, i think i may end up losing my partner and baby because of this, i would never harm any of them,although my partner left me because of my actions this weekend, luckily, she came home and we were able to attempt to sort my head out together.

the people on this board helped me sooo much the last time, i've been away for a while, but i'm not going anywhere this time, i'm getting help again, and any advice is very welcome.

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