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Hi all, just need some advice or help from anyone who may be suffering/has suffered from this type of feeling. After someone has hurt me, embarrased me or made me feel upset. I instantly box them into a part of my mind and secretly plot to make them feel exactly how they made me feel, even its only for a second. Its like I have to show them I'm not a pushover but the thing is if I said something in the first place they wouldnt think that. Im so passive, and also have a lot of anxiety. I think and think and think about bad things way after they happen, guess this causes me to feel angry and resentful and I have this strong need to make that person pay. It sounds evil, i know but its mainly hurt. I just want them to not do or say what they said to me or anyone else ever again cos its hurtful. I dont know. Right now im feeling this anger towards someone whose hurt me recently and its taking all the strength inside me to NOT act on my anger and resentment. I wouldnt physically hurt anyone - But I would damage property no matter how valuable and verbal abuse or put them in a very embarrasing situation - like expose private information in front of friends or family. Anything that would cause emotional pain/anger. Its ruining my life I need help.

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