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I was married to a guy I met at school when i was 16 , we dated for two years then I bought a house at 18 he moved in, we married at 20 and had two kids by 22. All was great he was loving and kind, funny a great guy no problems at all, life was good everyone liked him.

Then he started with bad moods, he changed so much I think the pressure of a young family, I worked so did he, I took it in turns to look after my sister's kids and we had enough to get by on. I think looking back he was wanting more but nothing prepared me for the next year of our marriage.

I was 23 when we divorced after he had lost his temper for the last time! I was kicked and punched for 2 hours before getting away from him, spent a week in hospital, I carn't remember. For me it was simple get out and that's what I did but I would NEVER have seen the man i loved turn into a monster.

I think you should get advice and let someone you trust know what is going on, he needs help. I don't want to sound dramatic, but he sound's like he has changed for some reason and you need to know why???

Don't blame yourself for his bad behaviour, he is responable for that but do be careful, I nearly lost my life to some one i loved.

You have been together a long time, so I can see why this must be so hard, but violence how ever small should not be in a loving relationship. Good luck X

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