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Hey all. Over the years, I have learned to control my anger some, but there is just a little bit more that I need to work on. Thankfully I have a good support system at work and they help me through, but this one part, I cant deal with.

I am hopefully going to be given a big top position at work, but I am terribly afraid that I will not be able to take the heat. I am the type of person that you can tell me anything and I wont get mad, most of the time. I am honest and expect the same back from others.

Now, there have been a few times at work, where I get so angry at a person and situation, that I begin to get really really hot, like a fever, and then, i blank out...that happened once. I dont remember what I said to the person at all, but I hear it wasnt good. The other day, I got angry and caught myself getting the fever and almost blacking out, but I calmed down just before things got bad. I dont know how I did it tho.

I really need help in controlling this. I am afraid that the boss and I will not agree on something, which is bound to happen and then my anger will take over.

Any suggestions? Does this happen to anyone else?

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