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[QUOTE=tizzy76;3367901] My mother is disabled so i look after her do her cleaning take her where she needs to go, as my other 2 bro's and my sister dont pull there weight and still act like there 10yrs old. None of them work at all. 2 of them still live with her.

My closest friends call me with their problems and i am able to listen and somtimes help in there situations. One of my friends is in a bad abusive relationship right now and calls me every morning at 9am to tell me what has happened to her the day before. I dont mind this but somtimes i dont actully speak at all untill its time to say goodbye its just yes, no, noway! I must have at least 4 people a day calling me with their problems, i feel bad to talk about my own, and because mine dont seem as surfaced as theirs its easy to listen, somtimes it makes me feel good for the day if i have helped.

i think my anger must have started before i was born! Maybe all her stress's and all the times my father hit her while she was carrying me, her fear, her anger? The nurse on my mothers ward wouldnt let her hold me, the nurse had even changed my name to sophie on the ward and said my real name didnt suit me.

Ok guys i no that this probley dont make any conection with yesterdays story but im afraid i dont think ill be writing things in order im just writing and writing, feels good though! Ill be back to continue my jabber later.

Tizzy, do you feel a little overburdened taking care of your mother (when your sibs don't work and live in the house!) and then listening to your friends problems all the time? Maybe some of your anger is coming from this? Maybe you would feel that it is more fair if you do discuss your issues with your friends too?

Yes, I agree that babies are aware in the womb. They can hear and they become attached to their mothers in there. Babies already know the voices of their parents/sibs when they are born because they have been listening. This has been proven with studies. When my first was born everyone in the labor room was talking but when my husband spoke our daughter immediately turned her face to him. She recognized his voice! When your mum's adrenaline was surging from fear, anxiety and anger you felt that in there too. I remember when I was pregnant and I felt my blood sugar drop. You know how awful you feel when that happens. Well my daughter gave me one swift kick when she felt it too. She hardly ever moved or kicked either.

That is really bizarre how the nurse changed your name.

Don't worry about writing things in order. I think that it is best to talk about whatever is bothering you at the moment. We can follow along just fine.

[QUOTE=tizzy76;3367945]she has offered me help of a counciler that has been helpful for her and her problems, Im gonna give it ago...

Another thing that is getting on my nerves today is the state of my own bedroom, i feel like opening up the windows and throwing everything out! I really need to adress this i think it would make me happier and it would definatley make my daughter happier.....

Therapy is very helpful. I speak from personal experience.

Yes, cleaning up your upstairs sounds like a good idea. You will probably feel much better afterwards. You are in the cleaning out mode now! Cleaning out your head, your heart and your upstairs!

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